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A simple job should be done extremely well, and that’s what you can expect when working with our tarmac specialists. We have years of experience laying tarmac for private and commercial clients across Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex.

We’ll be able to advise you on the best type of tarmac for your project and will ensure that the process if carefully and transparently project managed so you know what to expect and when.

For more information about our tarmac services, or to discuss a project you need a quote for, simply get in touch by using the details on our contact page.

Our expert team of specialist contractors have been laying tarmac to the highest standards for over two decades.

Once a client has approved a written quotation for their tarmac resurfacing, our team will start by excavating the ground down to the formation level. We’ll remove the waste down to approximately 175mm below the standard paving level and ensure the levels are consistent and even.

Following the excavation of the historic material, we’ll install edging around the desired site to keep the tarmac in place. Depending on your personal tastes and budgets, this could be a timber, paving or stone edging.

With the ground cleared and the edges in place, we then lay a high quality geotextile woven membrane over the site to discourage weed growth and sinkage. We’ll then layer crushed concrete over the space, which is compacted and rolled until it’s reached the desired depth.

Drainage is installed to ensure water can flow away from the area before the tarmac is finally applied. We use a minimum of two inches as a base coat before adding a top coat, which is carefully compacted using a roller.

Your finished driveway will be smart, hard-wearing and should last at least 20 years. For more information about how we lay tarmac, please get in touch using the details on the Contact page.